Alusync 215 AC DC Australian Tig Welder For Welding Aluminium Sales

New AC DC Tig Welders For Sale In Australia

A new Alusync model is about to be released in Australia. The vision to bring new acdc tig welders for sale in Australia from Tokentools Welders has been an ongoing project spanning more than a decade. The New Metalmaster Alusync 215 Inverter ACDC Pulse Tig Welder and Plasma Cutter runs from a single phase 240 volt outlet but requires 15 amps connection. The machine has full arc control, AC & DC TIG Welding / AC DC MMA, HF TIG Welding ignition and is also a multi process power source with integrated Plasma Cutter. […]

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Aluminium welder processes involve an AC arc

Aluminium Welders

AC waves in Aluminium Welders allow the process of fusing aluminium components together to occur. During the GTAW process the polarity of the welding arc changes and is either removing aluminium oxide from the surface (tungsten positive) or adding heat to the weld pool (tungsten negative) . The AC tig welding process is best for aluminium welders and is only slightly exceeded by hybrid wave processes that include a DC component. The latest Hybrid wave Tig process  injects a small DC interlude between the AC cycle. When performing a weld on aluminium […]

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AC DC Tig Welder Digital control panel the Metalmaster 210Pro from Tokentools Pty Ltd

Advanced AC Wave Tig Welders In Australia

Searching through the many different Tig welders available you may occasionally see one that has an advanced AC wave function. This type of AC wave has been around for some time in high end European tig welding equipment however it has been at a very high price. A 16 years young Australian company has been pioneering Chinese welding equipment for over a decade and has  launched such machines this week for under $1600Aud. This is not a misprint. The new range of Metalmaster welding machines are available either without plasma […]

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A graph showing the up slope setting on a tig welder

Upslope on a Tig welder

We are often asked about the upslope setting on a Tig welder, how does it work and what is it used for. Upslope is a control that allows the amperage to rise (slope up) over the period of time set for this setting. For example if you had set 5 seconds with an amperage of 120 Amps upon triggering the tig torch trigger the weld current would initially ignite at the minimum crater value and then increase gradually over the 5 second time period. If your drew a graph of […]

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tig torch parts

Tig Torch Parts

Tig torch parts are available from the online store run by Tokentools with free delivery for orders in excess of $200Aud. The category on the web store Tig Torch Parts contains a breakdown of the components required by most welders. Tig Torch Ceramic Nozzles available are available in 4/16, 5/16, 6/16, 7/16, 8/16, 10/16, 12/16 for standard size collet bodies (WP17, 18, 26) and also to fit a gas lens. Nozzles for WP9 and WP20  size torch heads are also available in the same orifice sizes for standard collet bodies or […]

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First welding store in the world to accept bitcoin

Buy welders with Bitcoin – First Australian welding store to accept Bitcoins

Tokentools Pty Ltd is the first welding equipment and supply store in the world that is accepting Bitcoin (BTC). In a move that demonstrates their confidence in this emerging decentralised commodity Tokentools hope other vendors and parts suppliers follow suit. Whilst Bitcoin is only 4 years old it has reached an an exchange rate in excess of $500 Aud in recent trade according to figures obtained from the online Bitcoin exchange MTGox. With the surge in popularity amongst Chinese investors Tokentools aims to position itself to benefit from Bitcoin trade […]

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AC DC TIG Inverter Welder

We have Tig Welders For Sale Online Efficiency

Online welding stores offer unparalleled efficiency in bringing the customer and a new Tig welding machine together both quickly and at minimum cost. At Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies we have Tig welders for sale at what we reckon are some pretty sharp prices. Our machines have a 5 year parts and labour warranty and the price includes insured delivery to your door. Whether you need a DC Tig or ACDC Tig we have them available. You may reach our staff on 1300 881 991 to discuss your needs today. Inverter […]

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orange arc welding extension cable set

Extension Welding Cable For Arc Stick Welder

  These great welding extension cables help to make the welding leads longer by adding to the total length. Simply plug the welding extension cable into the welder, it can be an ARC welder, TIG or MIG welder also as our extension cable is not task specific. Then simply plug your original welding lead into it and you are ready to start welding. For longer distances you can daisy chain them but remember to lower the welding amperage in order to avoid voltage drop on the circuit. Now you can […]

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Sale Arc Welders on Sale Australia

Having Arc Welders on sale makes our web store quite popular with people seeking to get into this wonderful pass time. Tokentools is working hard to be Australia’s best place to buy Arc Welders on sale by providing a straight forward user experience with the best and most modern new sales system. A selection of on sale Arc Welders products for different Australian workplace applications can be found in our category headers. Arc Welders manufacturers and Arc Welders suppliers are listed within each category. Our Welders are divided into several […]

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Sale Mig Welders On Sale Australia

Having Mig Welders on sale makes our website very popular with many people seeking to get into this wonderful pass time. Tokentools is working hard to be Australia’s best place to buy Mig Welders on sale by providing a straight forward user experience with the best and most modern new sales system. A selection of on sale Mig Welders products for different Australian workplace applications can be found in our category headers. Mig Welders manufacturers and Mig Welders suppliers are listed within each category. Our Welders are divided into several […]

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Where to buy welders in Australia

Buying a welder in Australia has never been easier thanks in part to the technology that brings the consumer and vendor together. That technology is the net, we use it everyday for communications, banking and the news however it’s ability to plonk a brand new welding machine onto our doorstep is incredible and has never been easier. At Tokentools we aim to be Australia’s best place to buy welders  in Australia by providing a great user experience with the best and most modern new sales platform. A selection of welding […]

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Inverter welders for purchase at Tokentools

Inverter welding machines available for purchase from with immediate shipping. Any inverter welder ordered and paid for before noon ships the same day. Visit the tokentools website, link adjacent —->>>> and find your new welding machine now. We stock Mig Tigs, Arc welders and Plasma cutters. You can buy the entire welding kit from the machine to the safety gear. Having specifications like MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW), Lift TIG (GTAW) process, an input voltage supply of 240 volt AC +/-5%, 50Hz (15A plug) and current range from 5 to […]

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Welder Prices

Welding machine prices have fallen in recent years due to the influx of inexpensive overseas manufactured welders. Thanks to the Internet you can now compare welder prices from different suppliers online was performing comparison shopping. Visit the Tokentools online store by following this link and start saving today. You will find our welder prices are very competitive and the five year warranty offers great security for your purchase. You may also drop into our store at 6/9-11 Willow Tree Rd Wyong NSW 2259.

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Buy Welders Online Save Time Weld Better

Buying welders online has been the traditional method of manifesting savings for the savvy shopper but a new market segment is emerging. Online welder shopping is quickly becoming a viable option for many busy individuals also. Australians are known for working ridiculously long hours and the time earned as “me time” is not easily spent on a dash to the welding store. Instead customers prefer to order online, have their welding equipment delivered to their door and when “me time” arrives they get into this very addictive occupation. Tokentools have […]

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Reduce Mig Welding Spatter

You may find yourself welding on the weekend with your trusty mig welding machine but something just isn’t right. You are getting lots of welding spatter and your best mate, the welding guru is out of town, what do you do? Well there are a few things that can be undertaken to remedy the situation.  1. Increase the MIG welding voltage Try to reduce the spatter by adjusting the voltage of the machine. Voltage is closely linked to the welding arc’s length and the heat input of the weld. Find […]

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AC DC Tig Welders Vs DC Tig Welders

Customers often ask what benefits AC DC Tig welders have when compared to the humble DC Tig welder. Depending on the model of Tig welder will dictate the optional settings however the main difference is the ability to weld aluminium. If you are in the USA, ok ALUMINUM. Alternating current or AC when used in an ACDC tig welding machine allows electrons to flow to and from in the welding arc. When the electrons flow from tungsten to job we get penetration, when the electrons flow from job to tungsten […]

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Welders Welder Sale Australia

Easy selection of welding machines, bolt on options and a range of accessories make your online shopping experience a snap with Tokentools Welders. Our updated web interface allows you to add options to suit your needs and configure products the way you want them.   So if you need welders, our welders for sale options are sure to be of benefit. You may also call our staff on 1300 881 991 Mon – Fri between 8AM and 4PM. Our warehouse is located at 6/9-11 Willow Tree Rd Wyong NSW 2259.

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Mig Spool Gun Mig Torch Care

  Your welding processes, like every other part of your business, offers opportunities toconserve resources. Consider these 10 money-saving tips for MIG gun care and maintenance as agood first step. And don’t be surprised when you find these tips improve your welding performance along the way! 1: Protect your assets Keep your nozzles, gas diffusers andcontact tips in the original package in which they were shipped until you are ready to use them. Doing so prevents scratches and/or dents where spatter can accumulate and cause the consumables to fail prematurely. […]

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Pulse Tig Welders

The latest in Pulse Tig Welders is available from Tokentools. We have different models available in DC Pulse Tig welder such as the TIG160P and the TIG200P. In the ACDC welder range we have our AC DC Pulse Tig welders available in standard ACDC Tig or Multi Process Tig Welder. Pulse Tig welders vary the amount of current during the welding process. They use a peak welding current to perform the fusion process and a background welding current to allow the material to rest and solidify between pulse welding cycles. […]

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Welding Positioner range available in Australia

In order to increase productivity whilst working with circular objects  you should consider adding our welding positioner to your tool collection. A quality built unit featuring a digital programmable controller that will control the welding rotational angle, the dwell time and repeat. Need to weld 45 rotational degrees? No problem, just key it in and push down on the foot control. Whilst you are welding the controller measures out the 45 degree rotation and stops. You can obtain a consistent weld without the need to move your tig welding torch […]

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