Alusync 215 AC DC Australian Tig Welder For Welding Aluminium Sales

New AC DC Tig Welders For Sale In Australia

A new Alusync model is about to be released in Australia. The vision to bring new acdc tig welders for sale in Australia from Tokentools Welders has been an ongoing project spanning more than a decade. The New Metalmaster Alusync 215 Inverter ACDC Pulse Tig Welder and Plasma Cutter runs from a single phase 240 volt outlet but requires 15 amps connection. The machine has full arc control, AC & DC TIG Welding / AC DC MMA, HF TIG Welding ignition and is also a multi process power source with integrated Plasma Cutter. […]

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Aluminium welder processes involve an AC arc

Aluminium Welders

AC waves in Aluminium Welders allow the process of fusing aluminium components together to occur. During the GTAW process the polarity of the welding arc changes and is either removing aluminium oxide from the surface (tungsten positive) or adding heat to the weld pool (tungsten negative) . The AC tig welding process is best for aluminium welders and is only slightly exceeded by hybrid wave processes that include a DC component. The latest Hybrid wave Tig process  injects a small DC interlude between the AC cycle. When performing a weld on aluminium […]

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AC DC Tig Welder Digital control panel the Metalmaster 210Pro from Tokentools Pty Ltd

Advanced AC Wave Tig Welders In Australia

Searching through the many different Tig welders available you may occasionally see one that has an advanced AC wave function. This type of AC wave has been around for some time in high end European tig welding equipment however it has been at a very high price. A 16 years young Australian company has been pioneering Chinese welding equipment for over a decade and has  launched such machines this week for under $1600Aud. This is not a misprint. The new range of Metalmaster welding machines are available either without plasma […]

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A graph showing the up slope setting on a tig welder

Upslope on a Tig welder

We are often asked about the upslope setting on a Tig welder, how does it work and what is it used for. Upslope is a control that allows the amperage to rise (slope up) over the period of time set for this setting. For example if you had set 5 seconds with an amperage of 120 Amps upon triggering the tig torch trigger the weld current would initially ignite at the minimum crater value and then increase gradually over the 5 second time period. If your drew a graph of […]

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tig torch parts

Tig Torch Parts

Tig torch parts are available from the online store run by Tokentools with free delivery for orders in excess of $200Aud. The category on the web store Tig Torch Parts contains a breakdown of the components required by most welders. Tig Torch Ceramic Nozzles available are available in 4/16, 5/16, 6/16, 7/16, 8/16, 10/16, 12/16 for standard size collet bodies (WP17, 18, 26) and also to fit a gas lens. Nozzles for WP9 and WP20  size torch heads are also available in the same orifice sizes for standard collet bodies or […]

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AC DC TIG Inverter Welder

We have Tig Welders For Sale Online Efficiency

Online welding stores offer unparalleled efficiency in bringing the customer and a new Tig welding machine together both quickly and at minimum cost. At Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies we have Tig welders for sale at what we reckon are some pretty sharp prices. Our machines have a 5 year parts and labour warranty and the price includes insured delivery to your door. Whether you need a DC Tig or ACDC Tig we have them available. You may reach our staff on 1300 881 991 to discuss your needs today. Inverter […]

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Inverter welders for purchase at Tokentools

Inverter welding machines available for purchase from with immediate shipping. Any inverter welder ordered and paid for before noon ships the same day. Visit the tokentools website, link adjacent —->>>> and find your new welding machine now. We stock Mig Tigs, Arc welders and Plasma cutters. You can buy the entire welding kit from the machine to the safety gear. Having specifications like MIG (GMAW/FCAW), Stick (MMAW), Lift TIG (GTAW) process, an input voltage supply of 240 volt AC +/-5%, 50Hz (15A plug) and current range from 5 to […]

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Buy Welders Online Save Time Weld Better

Buying welders online has been the traditional method of manifesting savings for the savvy shopper but a new market segment is emerging. Online welder shopping is quickly becoming a viable option for many busy individuals also. Australians are known for working ridiculously long hours and the time earned as “me time” is not easily spent on a dash to the welding store. Instead customers prefer to order online, have their welding equipment delivered to their door and when “me time” arrives they get into this very addictive occupation. Tokentools have […]

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Welders Welder Sale Australia

Easy selection of welding machines, bolt on options and a range of accessories make your online shopping experience a snap with Tokentools Welders. Our updated web interface allows you to add options to suit your needs and configure products the way you want them.   So if you need welders, our welders for sale options are sure to be of benefit. You may also call our staff on 1300 881 991 Mon – Fri between 8AM and 4PM. Our warehouse is located at 6/9-11 Willow Tree Rd Wyong NSW 2259.

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Tig Welding Guide

TIG Welding guide GUIDE TO TIG WELDING This is a free basic guide on how to do TIG welding using a TIG welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) TIG welding is a skill that needs to be developed over time, with a piece of metal in front of you and with a welding torch in your hands. TIG welding requires patience and practice. The Tokentools Alupulse AC/DC TIG Welder used in this guide. 1. WHAT IS TIG WELDING? TIG Welding can be used to weld aluminium, copper, titanium etc and even two dissimilar metals. […]

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Sydney Welders

Your search for Sydney Welders has led you to our online store where you will find many types of welding machines and welding accessories all very close to Sydney. Whether you are after tig welders or mig welders we have them in stock. Our arc welding machines range in amperage from 125 Amps right up to 1000 Amps. Perhaps you require a digital tig welder, we have these also. Our digital tig welders feature full parametric control and are priced at less than any other retail outlet. Further we provide […]

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Tig Welders Inverter IGBT

Are Tig Welders with inverter IGBT transistors available from Tokentools?  Of course. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors A.K.A IGBTs are our preference when it comes to the power supply inside our Tig Welder Inverters. Our Tig Welders ship standard with a 5 year warranty covering parts and labour and delivery to your door is included. Standard Tig Welder features such as HF start, pulse welding modes, up down slope and trigger latch enable the operator to get the most out of their welding experience and some say our prices are the most […]

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Best Welding Machines Best Value Welders

The affordability of welding equipment has increased dramatically during the last decade and many hobbyists have entered this fascinating and rewarding weekend passtime. Equally many online welding stores have popped up in order to capture a growing market segment. When purchasing a machine you may consider looking for the best welding machines available to suit your budget. Many of the best value welders can be found under $1000. You will need to first determine what type of output current is required such as TIG, ARC which are (CC) or MIG […]

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New Welding Equipment

When seeking new welding equipment it is best to compare prices. You can readily compare new welding equipment prices online and get the very best deals when you browse the online store at . You will learn whilst comparing new welding equipment prices online there is a very long warranty plan in force that backs you up. Tokentools provides you with a 5 X 5 warranty. That is 5 years parts and 5 years warranty. You can buy with confidence and get new welding equipment delivered to your door at one all […]

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Cheap Tig Welders Discount Tig Machines Australia

Getting cheap tig welders in Australia is becoming easier thanks to the power of the Australian dollar driving import prices down. Manufacturing tig machines in Australia is a proposition that no longer makes sense, our enormously productive economy no longer accommodates the high cost of manufacture. Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies offer you the best price / reliability ratio currently on the market. Not only are our Tig welders for sale at the lowest prices, they are also backed by a 30 day change of mind policy and a 5 year […]

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Cheap Tig Welders Discount Tig Welding Machines Australia

 Buy Cheap Welders You can purchase discount Tig welding machines from  Tokentools using the online store. You will be gob smacked to find that only our prices are inexpensive. Cheap Tig welders and discount Tig welding machines only have their retail prices slashed. All of the Tokentools products have a comprehensive 5 year parts and labour warranty. If you are looking for cheap tig welders online then look no further and buy today. Call us on 1300 881 991 to discuss your welding equipment requirements today and we can help you get the right […]

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Buy Tig Welders For Sale Australia

Choosing to purchase a 3 in 1 welder is one of the most sensible things you could do when you are limited by budget and shed space. You can buy Tig welders that are on sale from Tokentools in Australia and save a substantial amount that can be put toward welding accessories. So what is the go with multifunction Tig mnachines? There are many dull and uninformed individual spreading myth and ignorance about 3 in 1 welding machines and it all has to do with their lack of understanding of […]

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Tig Welder Options

Today we will consider Tig Welder Options available from Tokentools online welding supplies. It is not a case of optional Tig components but more so Tig Welder Options that the operator of the machine may require to fulfil specific criteria. Tig Water Coolers: Tig water coolers are used to remove heat from the Tig torch handle and to provide more operator comfort. Often when welding at amperages in excess of 200 amps, a tig water cooler is mandatory as is the accompanying WP18 Tig Torch. Water coolers are comprised of […]

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