Tig Torch Parts

Tig torch parts are available from the online store run by Tokentools with free delivery for orders in excess of $200Aud. The category on the web store Tig Torch Parts contains a breakdown of the components required by most welders.

tig torch parts

tig torch parts

Tig Torch Ceramic Nozzles available are available in 4/16, 5/16, 6/16, 7/16, 8/16, 10/16, 12/16 for standard size collet bodies (WP17, 18, 26) and also to fit a gas lens. Nozzles for WP9 and WP20  size torch heads are also available in the same orifice sizes for standard collet bodies or gas lenses.

Tig Torch Collets for WP17,18,26 in 1.6mm 2.4mm 3.2mm and collets for WP9, 20 in 1.6mm 2.4mm.

Tig Torch Gas Lens available for WP17, 18, 26 and WP9, 20. All gas lenses are shipped with nylon cup adapter gasket.

Tig Torch Back Caps in short, stubby or small for WP17, 18, 26 and long or short for WP9, 20

Cable sheath covers – Zip on denim cotton cable covers to keep your welding cables clean and tidy. Simply zip over your existing cover.

Electrical Plugs – An assortment of dinse plugs and sockets, control panel sockets, tig torch switches also.

Tig Torch Heads – Flex heads and rigid Tig Torch heads are available for WP9, WP17, WP18, WP20, WP26 tig torches.

Visit the website for more information about the tig torch parts available from Tokentools online welding supply store.

By Damian Smith

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