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Buy welders online and save time. Become a better welder.

Buying welders online has been the traditional method of manifesting savings for the savvy shopper but a new market segment is emerging. Online welder shopping is quickly becoming a viable option for many busy individuals also. Australians are known for working ridiculously long hours and the time earned as “me time” is not easily spent on a dash to the welding store. Instead customers prefer to order online, have their welding equipment delivered to their door and when “me time” arrives they get into this very addictive occupation.

Tokentools have been selling welders online for over a decade and are experts at getting your welding machine delivered to your door quickly and without any fuss. A generous 5 year warranty protects consumers and quality accessories enhance the welding package. Visit the Online Welding Store



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  1. Stephen Tig Welds

    It seems lots of people want to buy welders online these days. I went to the welding shop on the weekend and got mucked around by a newb that had no knowledge. After researching online I found lots of discussion about welders and online suppliers.

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