Tig Welder Options

Optional tig welder accessories

Tig Welder Options

Today we will consider Tig Welder Options available from Tokentools online welding supplies. It is not a case of optional Tig components but more so Tig Welder Options that the operator of the machine may require to fulfil specific criteria.

Tig Water Coolers: Tig water coolers are used to remove heat from the Tig torch handle and to provide more operator comfort. Often when welding at amperages in excess of 200 amps, a tig water cooler is mandatory as is the accompanying WP18 Tig Torch. Water coolers are comprised of a pump a tank and a heat exchanger. The process operates as follows. First the water is sucked out of the tank and pumped into the Tig Torch where the heat is removed. The return path flows through the heat exchanger to remove heat then is passed back into the tank, any excess air or steam that remains in the waterline is removed as the waterdrops back into the tank from the top whilst the suction side is underwater and cannot draw air in.  This type of tig option is highly sought after by professionals.

Remote Foot Controls: Remote foot controls are used to vary the amperage for the welding circuit in a way that the operator can use their foot whilst their hands remain free to operate the the tig torch and add filler wire.  This type of tig option is highly sought after by amateur or novice welders.

Remote Torch Controls: Remote torch controls are used in areas where the operator is away from the bench and physically engaged with the welding job such as on it or in it. A variable control is mounted on the tig torch directly. This type of tig option is highly sought after by professionals.

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