Pulse Tig Welders

The latest in Pulse Tig Welders is available from Tokentools. We have different models available in DC Pulse Tig welder such as the TIG160P and the TIG200P. In the ACDC welder range we have our AC DC Pulse Tig welders available in standard ACDC Tig or Multi Process Tig Welder.

Digital ACDC Tig welder control panel

ACDC Pulse Tig Welders

Pulse Tig welders vary the amount of current during the welding process. They use a peak welding current to perform the fusion process and a background welding current to allow the material to rest and solidify between pulse welding cycles. More importantly the base current cycle allows the welding arc to remain active at a level of energy that does not create fusion of the parent material.

If you are looking for pulse tig welders for sale please give our staff a call on 1300 881 991.

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