Welding Positioner range available in Australia

In order to increase productivity whilst working with circular objects  you should consider adding our welding positioner to your tool collection. A quality built unit featuring a digital programmable controller that will control the welding rotational angle, the dwell time and repeat. Need to weld 45 rotational degrees? No problem, just key it in and push down on the foot control. Whilst you are

Welding Positioner

welding the controller measures out the 45 degree rotation and stops. You can obtain a consistent weld without the need to move your tig welding torch around the welding project. The same applies if you want to weld around the perimeter of a circular object.

This positioner supports angles from one degree up to thousands of degrees (multiple revolutions). Dwell time enables the mandatory rest period between operations so you could rotate for example 30 degrees and then stop for 20 seconds before repeating.

The positioner is capable of supporting 50 kilograms whilst in the horizontal position or 25 kilos whilst vertical. There are numerous adjustments available to lock the table into an inclined position between horizontal and vertical. Earthing of your workpiece is achieved via the Dinse 35-70 socket on the rear, a plug is supplied with the unit to enable easy connection to your existing welder.

Positioner speed is adjustable via the front mounted potentiometer which supplies a pulse width modulated signal to the high torque motor / gearbox combo. Rotational direction is set via a toggle switch and triggering of the rotating mode can be achieved with the supplied foot control or the front panel mounted push button switch.

Visit the ROTA300 product page here.

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