AC DC Tig Welders Vs DC Tig Welders

Customers often ask what benefits AC DC Tig welders have when compared to the humble DC Tig welder. Depending on the model of Tig welder will dictate the optional settings however the main difference is the ability to weld aluminium. If you are in the USA, ok ALUMINUM.

Alternating current or AC when used in an ACDC tig welding machine allows electrons to flow to and from in the welding arc. When the electrons flow from tungsten to job we get penetration, when the electrons flow from job to tungsten you get cleaning action as the aluminium oxide layer is blown from the surface of the workpiece.

Inverter AC DC Tig WElders

AC DC Tig Welders

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From the information provided above you can see that DC Tig welders can be used to tig weld all materials except thos with a refractory oxide layer such as Aluminium. If you need help with your selection of an ACDC Tig please give our staff a call on 1300 881 991 and we will be happy to help you.

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