315DX Alupulse AC DC Tig welder

315DX Alupulse AC DC Tig welder

315DX Alupulse AC DC Tig welderHaving been launched in late 2008, the Alupulse 315DX has been the machine of choice for the industrial sector. Featuring adjustable pulse current, high and low pulse frequency adjustment, start and finish crater current adjustments along with wide band AC frequency and clean width control what more can an operator ask for.Looking to buy one?

Digital display with preset current, remote foot control and water cooled WP18 Tig torch all come standard. To date these machines have been available to our contract customers during our trial phase and having been a success we are pleased to make them available to all.
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Looking to buy one?

With a 5 year warranty and a fair dinkum price this is one offer that is hard to beat.
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