Servore Autolift 5000x Welding Helmets

Servore Autolift Welding Helmet

Tokentools Servore Autolift 5000x

The 5000X AutoLift allows you to switch from welding to grinding or chipping with just the touch of a button. The smooth power assisted movement lifts the front section of the 5000X AutoLift automatically giving you a clear,
panoramic 180 degree view of your work and the worksite. Now welding is safer, more comfortable and you can be even more productive, switching between welding and checking, chipping and grinding at the touch of a button.

Auto Darkening Welding Mask

The external controls and lift front mechanism on the SV5000X AutoLift are designed to be easy to use even with a gloved hand and the complete helmet has been ergonomically designed to remain balanced and comfortable with the lift front up or down. The 5000X series also features the new Z-Slide Cartridge (patents pending) another leading
edge innovation from Servore. The Z-Slide cartridge incorporates the latest technical advantages from Servore including: The 5000X AutoLift with its Brilliant Clear high speed auto-darkening filter cartridge, wide viewing angle, smooth lift action and balanced, comfortable feel is the ultimate choice for professionals everywhere. Ideal for working in poorly lit areas, where work needs to be frequently checked, where additional face protection is an extra burden or just for increased convenience, comfort and productivity, the 5000X AutoLift is the welders choice for better protection.

Ergonomically designed for comfort and balance, the 5000X Pro incorporates the latest Brilliant Clear X-View screen technology as well as amazingly fast switching speeds and a ZSlide filter cartridge with convenient internally mounted controls. Professionals looking for the same performance, style and comfort found in the 5000X
AutoLift in a fixed front version will appreciate the 5000X Pro. With internal controls, protected from most dust and dirt yet with all the benefits of Servore’s Brilliant Clear, X-View and Z-Slide technology the 5000X Pro is the natural choice for professionals wanting the ultimate in performance in a traditional fixed front design.

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