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Buy Welders and Compare Prices Online in Australia. Our hot deals are available in many variations and we have Mig welders, Tig Welder and Plasma Cutters. Our Arc welding machines are compact yet powerful. When choosing to buy your next welder online, shop with Tokentools and purchase with confidence knowing your product is backed by a 5 year warranty. If you are new to welding and the allied trades you may consider purchasing a book to help you learn faster.

In the book Welding Know-how: Tips & Techniques of Master Welders by Frank Marlow is contained years of welding knowledge all in one easy-to-understand package. It is filled with Frank’s insights you won’t find anywhere else, Welding Know-How has step-by-step instructions for many projects, ideas to modify existing tools so they really work properly and plans for welding jigs and fixtures. Welding Know-How contains over 600 clear and detailed line drawings, and includes chapters on the major welding processes: shielded metal arc, wire feed, and gas tungsten arc welding, along with chapters on the major cutting processes, oxyacetylene, plasma arc, water jet, oxygen lance and burning bar. In addition, there are chapters on brazing and soldering, bending and flame straightening. The chapter on pipe and tubing is dedicated to itself plus there is a further chapter on welding safety which includes inverter welding power supplies and general electrical safety. The welding book will help you gain control of your stick, TIG or wire feed outfit and learn how to get your “buzz box” to make more than just noise. After reading Welding Know-How you’ll see that there are no secrets in the welding shop, just knowledge that has never been written down-until now. Frank Marlow is the author of the popular shop books, Machine Shop Essentials and Machine Shop Know-How.

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