Automatic Welding Helmets

The Automatic Welding Helmet model Metalmaster ELITE 9860 Digital Welding Helmet allows you to switch from tig welding to plasma cutting or grinding with just the touch of a button. The industry leading helmet that is battery powered and has a  large viewing window of 100mm x 60mm achieves stunning clarity due to the incorporation of optically correct UV and IR filters bonded to ultra fast low distortion LCD panels. The very latest electronic developments and technology in ADF design provides blazingly fast response times and low level triggering. Weld with as little as 5 amps.

Wide viewing angle, best ratcheted lift action and balanced, comfortable feel is the ultimate choice of Automatic Welding Helmets for professionals everywhere, it turns on and off automatically. Ideal for working in poorly lit areas, where work needs to be frequently checked, where additional face protection is an extra burden or just for increased convenience, comfort and productivity, the ELITE 9860 is the welders choice for better protection.

The Auto Welding Helmetsis Ergonomically designed for comfort and balance, the ELITE 9860 has internal controls protected from most dust and dirt. Why buy a cheap helmet when for a bit more you can own piece of mind with the warranty and support

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Metalmaster automatic welding helmets digital auto switching shield

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