Guidelines For Ac Dc Welders

Guidelines For Ac Dc Welders

Welding is the process by which two metals or materials are joined together. The welding is generally done by arc welding. This process uses AC or DC current. Arc welding is used in welding most materials and can be done in shops, farms, garages and large maintenance departments in different factories. This is used for fabrication, repair and for educational programs.

In arc welding, a welding power supply is used to create an electric arc between the base material and the electrode, to melt metals at the welding point. Direct current (DC) or Alternating current (AC) is used with consumable or non-consumable electrodes. An inert or semi inert gas is used to protect the area. Sometimes a filler material is also used. The type of welder generally used for arc welding is AC/DC 240 volts transformers using electricity. You also have portable arc welders. These are powered by diesel or gasoline engines.

Some safety procedures have to be followed while arc welding. It has to be properly installed and used. The user should wear safety gear for protection against toxic fumes, burns, shocks, heat stress, noise etc. The eyes should be protected from the bright light and gloves should be worn to protect the hands from electric burns and from the heat given out while welding.

The arc welding equipment should comply with the norms for design set by the NEMA or the National Electric Manufacturers Association. The safety features should be in accordance with the Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It should be kept in mind while buying the welding machine.

Before installing an arc welder, you should check whether the present electrical power in the place can handle the extra load required by the arc welder. Otherwise, an experienced electrician should be made to do the proper wiring for the same. The installation should be in accordance with the laws of the State, the Federal Government, and the local body safety rules or OSHA and also the National Electric Code or NEC. If these rules are not followed, there will always be a problem with the safety aspect and overload due to excess current usage.

The most important guidelines to be followed for arc welding using AC/DC current are:

1.The frame of the arc welder should be properly grounded.
2. A safety disconnecting switch should be in place near the arc welder.
3. The arc welder should be protected by a fuse breaker, an independent circuit or a circuit breaker.

The area where arc welding is done should be adequately ventilated. If it involves welding metals that are not hazardous, there should be enough ventilation to allow a minimum of 2000 cubic feet per minute of air per arc welder. When hazardous material is arc welded, more ventilation is necessary. However, it will be good to take the guidance and advice of a ventilation expert to follow the rules properly. The area which is going to be welded should also be kept clean otherwise the welding will not take place properly.

These guidelines are to be kept in mind while using AC/DC welders. The welding process is very important in factories and in all places where two metals have to be joined for any purpose. So, it is essential that people who use welding machines are aware of the guidelines and the rules to be followed and diligently follow them.

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