what is tig welding

Questions such as what is tig welding are often posed to us by customers considering their first Tig machine purchase. There is a fundamental understanding about welding in that it is a fusion process using heat to melt metal pieces together but the nuts and bolts of tigging are missing.

This is What is Tig Welding

This is What is Tig Welding

First the basics. Tig welding is a process that uses an electric arc to jump through a shielding gas agent. The TIG part is derived from Tungsten Inert Gas but also Tungsten In Gas as there are some gases now available that are not exactly inert. Inert means that they will not react with anything, are colourless and odourless. Active gases such as argoshield are used for the later TIG acronym.

Tungsten is found in the periodic table as “W” and is used as the electrode. Tungsten has a melting temperature of 3422 degrees celcius so is ideal as an electrode because the metals that are melted will liquify at below this temperature. The polarity for the tungsten electrode is also negative so as electrons flow away from the tungsten to the job which is positive, the job will get more heat.

Tig arc striking is achieved by either scratch start, lift arc start or HF start. The HF start circuit is the most preffered as it is repetitive, predicatable and the most reliable of all start mechanisms. Most modern inverter tig welding machines feature such a starting circuit.

The welding arc that is ignited in the shielding gas produces heat that then melts the job. This process occurs without aoxygen present due to the protective gas shield that surrounds the weld. As the job melts you can move along it whilst keeping the molten weld puddle in a gas protective shield.

When you are finished welding  there is a postflow period where gas will keep flowing for a few seconds and this helps cool the electrode to prevent oxidisation. Knowing what is tig welding will certainly help you select the right tig welding machine for your project. You may contact Tokentools for my information about the many tig welders for sale that are available from the online store. Call us on 1300 881 991 for expert and prompt assistance.





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