What are inverter welder machines

Inside inverter welder

The modern inverter welder, inside the box and how it works. Image courtesy phelum.net – In this image you can see the two IGBT transistors used to drive the modified sinewave into the step down transformer behind the circuit board.

When inverter welders were first introduced they were feared due to the general populations lack of understanding of how they work. Since these early days inverter technology has become very reliable, cost effective and has a preferencial reputation based on it’s own merits. So What are they? An inverter welder is a tricky and innovative type of welder that is full of magic tricks, powerful voodoo and witches brew….. LOL….No not really. n fact the inverter has a host of advantages when compared with the conventional style non inverter welder. Firstly the name Inverter implies inversion, these welders rectify the incoming supply then invert it to a high frequency AC before stepping down. The old choke style welder would simply step down and rely upon their internal resistance to maintain arc voltage. The main advantage of inverter welder is that it can control current at the input to the step down transformer, the second advantage is that it is small, compact and as a result portable. Inverters use much smaller transformers due to the high frequency AC and for this reason are light weight and portable. This is in  contrast to a transformer welder that is heavy and large due to the massive iron core of the step down transformer. Inverters consume less powerdue to their lossless transformer cores, mainly ferrite and can operate on lower input power, mainly 15 Amps 240 V Australian supply. The inverter welder is the ultimate modern day innovation in a field of industrial stagnantion and is the ideal device for all types of welding and cutting uses. Typical types of inverter circuit emply either IGBT or MOSFET transistors. We have other guides available detailing these technologies. If you enjoy reading these informative guides written by Tokentools please subscribe to our blog and be updated when new posts are published. You can also read a review about the Tokentools Miniarc created by Phelum.net here

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