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If you consider that Welding Machines Online are available for immediate purchase via our online store 24 x 7 and you may do so from the comfort of your living room you may be tempted to secure an online bargain. You may instead preffer to shop over the counter and ask sales staff questions face to face. Whichever way you like to buy your new welding machines, at Tokentools we can accomodate both ways of shopping.

Searching for welding machines online can be a tiresome task however we have made it easy with the aid of our intuitive online shopping menu. Simply select the welding product category and this will open a larger menu specifically dealing with your area of interest.

Welding machines shop online – We have tig welding machines, plasma cutters, mig welding machines online and all welding equipment is inverter powered.  These days all modern welding equipment, known as “inverter welders” uses an inverter circuit to in essence reduce the size of the step down transformer. Inverter welders as a result offer greater welding current control and more efficiency.

So compare welding machines online to get the best deals before you buy welding machines online. Call us on 1300 881 991 if you need any assistance.

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