Welders made in China

welders made in china

welders made in china

Welders made in China so often brings up a feeling of insecurity for a person considering making a purchase for a new welding machine. Most consumers are not aware of how things are made nor where they are made and this includes everything in their house. We have heard alot laely about the problems facing apple with the fusion welding process on the latest macbooks but did anyone stop to consider that these machines are made in China?

What about your clothing? Unless you have a tailor your clothes is made in China. Your telly, your Xbox, even parts in your car.

So why are some customers shocked when they learn inverter welders are manufactured in China. Do you think BOC,CIG,UNIMIG,LINCOLN are manufactured in Australia? Think again, their welders are made in China too. In fact most welding machines sub $2000 are made in China.

It seems many consumers are unaware of the origins of their posessions. People naturally want to pay the least amount possible for their welding equipment and further want to get the best deal, we get it, heck I am a savvy shopper too. When I shop on ebay I start with changing the sort order to cheapest first. I have also learned over the years that cheapest generally means no margin for the seller and they quickly go broke.

So why are welders made in China? Basically the Chinese manufacture to meet their own internal demand. What many are unaware of is that products manufactured in the P.R.C really account for around 40% of exports, the other 60% is for internal consumption by some 1200 Million people. Astute business people started importing Chinese origin welders before the turn of last century and this forced competition over previous Italian,Hungarian,Polish imports. As a result a critical mass was hit around 2007 and if you weren’t selling Chinese made welders you were quickly going broke. Keep in mind this is mostly applicable to the home welding machine and light commercial welders markets, the industrial welding machine machine is a different welding category.

Our Tokentools welding machines are not the cheapest but also not expensive and our welding products feature some of the best innovations to make welding easy. Due to the difference in socio economic standards between a Chinese worker and an Australian worker we can take advantage of purchasing welding equipment that won’t cost a lot. I have avoided using “won’t cost the earth” because in the end we will consume all of the resources and pollute the planet, that’s a conversation for another day.

Tokentools is an Australian brand, a registered Australian trademark. We manufacture our welding machines in China and we do it with great care. We pay a premium to have the machines built and tested to our designs and when they get to Australia we activate stage two quality control. We open up and test everything again. This two step approach means we have a ZERO % failure rate for out of the box experiences.

Our world first, industry leading 5 year parts and labour warranty is born out of our commitment to quality and steadfast uality control processes. Our welding machines and welding equipment is of the highest standard as a result. So now when you are considering your purchase of welding equipment you may consider including Tokentools. We provide a customer service experience that many desire, we provide quality reliable welding machines that many want and we do this at a price point that satisfies the budget of most.

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    You have a good point. Chinese made welders are great on the basis that the seller stays around to service them. I see you guys have been around for 10+ years. You must be doing something right if you still sell welders after all this time. Regards Johno. P.S I have had one of your Chinese welders for 6 years, still going great.

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