Uniflame Welding Helmet

Unimig 5000x auto lift automatic welding helmet
Unimig 5000x auto lift automatic welders helmet
Uniflame welding helmet
Unimig Uniflame Welding Helmet









Looking for a Unimig Uniflame Welding Helmet ?

Did you know they are a superior bit of kit and are a Servore 5000x Autolift welding helmet with a few extra stickers.

Save over $100 and get them for only $299 delivered to your door. See our servore welding helmet range today.

Switching time is less than 1 / 25,000sec (0.04msec) Shade levels range from an non activated level of Din #4 and activated shade levels range between Din #9 – #13. The cartridge size is 110x90mm (4.3×3.5 in) and a generous filter window of 97×46 mm (3.8×1.8 in) Outer Protection Lens is 117mm x 95mm with Inner Protection Lens being 117mm x 51mm.

Servore has launched two new variations of the new autoLift helmet. The unique model with external controls is now called the Autolift XE whilst the new version of the Servore Auto Lift with internal controls is named the AutoLift XI. ‘Some men and women prefer internal controls’, explained Steve Edwards, ‘our business is providing the customer what they want and want and delivering far better protection to welders.’ The Autolift XI with internal controls is excellent for welders who do not require to adjust the settings they are making use of on a regular basis.

‘We identified welders who were setting up for a approach or task that they may well do for a week or even more’ stated Jeong Min Seo, Managing Director of Servore Co. ‘They basically did not need to have to alter the settings and so the external controls have been redundant and not a thing that everyone wants or demands so we created the alternative of internal controls as properly. You can still adjust the cartridge, but you have to eliminate it so it is a little less convenient. But if you are only setting up as soon as a week or even the moment a month…. it might be a thing you prefer and now with Servore and the AutoLift you can decide on what is greatest for you.’
Probably even much more interesting is the Servore AutoLift EV or ‘Easy View’. The Servore Autolift EV utilizes the exact same distinctive shell design and style as the considerably more costly versions that function Servore’s most recent X view cartridge but as a substitute of a entirely featured leading of the variety auto darkening filter they have a simple glass passive UV/IR filter set up.
The AutoLift EV is low-cost and the blend of a passive filter and the Servore Autolift design works very well. Of course it is not as good as acquiring an automated welding helmet, but it is a very great mix that performs well at a very reasonable price tag.
Maybe the ideal point although is that all the AutoLift helmets from Servore can be upgraded at any time. ‘You can take a most basic EV and upgrade it to an XE or XI at any time,’ explained Steve, ‘ that is a single of the issues we are most proud of at Servore, we really consider to put ourselves in the location of the welder and deliver what the welder wants and demands, greater protection, much better top quality, upgradeability, help and service.’
The AutoLift is now accessible and demand for the new items is understood to be extremely large so it looks like Servore have hit a ‘sweet spot’ with the new AutoLift variety delivering a range of options for practically any budget.

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