Tig Welder Water Coolers For High Amperage Welding

Tig welder water coolers are used to remove heat from the tig torch hand piece

Tig welder water cooler used to remove heat from the tig torch hand piece

During TIG welding processes heat builds in the TIG torch. A TIG welder water cooler is used to remove this heat. TIG water coolers are a self contained unit that re made of an electric motor, a pump, a fan, a radiator and a holding tank or reservoir.

TIG Water Cooler Operation

Contrary to what you may think, the pump sucks water from the torch thus creating a low pressure zone in the TIG torch water return line.  Atmospheric pressure forces water from the reservoir to rush toward the low pressure zone in order to establish equilibrium. As the pump keeps drawing water  from the return line the process repeats and water keeps flowing. 

NOTE! The pump must be primed first as a dry pump will do nothing but free spin.

Once water exits the pump it will travel via the radiator where heat absorbed from the TIG torch head is radiated. To assist in the removal of this heat a fan is used to blow air across the radiator fins which are generally made of aluminium. The cooled water is returned to the reservoir. Despite the system being a closed loop, the reservoir acts as an expansion chamber and also allows air bubbles to be bled from the system. The way this is achieved is by returning water to the top of the reservoir whilst the take-up water is drawn in from the bottom.

TIG torch types used with water coolers

In order to use a water cooler a water cooled tig torch I required. The WP 26 equivalent in a water cooled torch is called a WP18. In the small head series you can use a WP20 which is the water cooled version of the WP9 TIG torch.

TIG Welding Cooler Simplicity

To keep the cooling system simple a single motor is used with a dual output shaft. At the rear if the electric motor is a fan and at the front is the pump. The pump mechanism is usually a brass impeller housed in a cast enclosure.

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