Alusync 215 AC DC Australian Tig Welder For Welding Aluminium Sales

New AC DC Tig Welders For Sale In Australia

A new Alusync model is about to be released in Australia. The vision to bring new acdc tig welders for sale in Australia from Tokentools Welders has been an ongoing project spanning more than a decade. The New Metalmaster Alusync 215 Inverter ACDC Pulse Tig Welder and Plasma Cutter runs from a single phase 240 volt outlet but requires 15 amps connection. The machine has full arc control, AC & DC TIG Welding / AC DC MMA, HF TIG Welding ignition and is also a multi process power source with integrated Plasma Cutter. […]

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Tig Welders Inverter IGBT

Are Tig Welders with inverter IGBT transistors available from Tokentools?  Of course. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors A.K.A IGBTs are our preference when it comes to the power supply inside our Tig Welder Inverters. Our Tig Welders ship standard with a 5 year warranty covering parts and labour and delivery to your door is included. Standard Tig Welder features such as HF start, pulse welding modes, up down slope and trigger latch enable the operator to get the most out of their welding experience and some say our prices are the most […]

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