New Tig Welders For Sale

New Tigs On Sale

New Tig Welders For Sale

If you are on the hunt for new tig welders for sale, look no further than the Alupulse ACDC Tig Welder (Alu for ally, pulse for pulse welding) The Tokentools Alupulse 200 is a 240 volt full arc control, AC & DC TIG / MMA, HF TIG welding power source. Loaded with features like high frequency start, up and down slope, adjustable AC frequency with a massive 10 to 300Hz range, repeat (latch) function, MMA welding functionality you’ve got the penultimate unit designed for precision AC DC TIG / MMAW welding of all weldable materials. The machine features push button activated HF Arc Ignition and a Gas Solenoid for automatic control of the shielding gas. A large capacity fan ensures years of high duty cycle operation. Operation is quite straight forward via the oil /acid resistant membrane control panel and the steel case will provide superior protection against accidental bumps. All IGBT transistors are manufactured by Infineon, chosen for their ability to provide dependable power in the toughest of environments. With the Tokentools Alupulse 200 you will have one tough inverter AC DC TIG MMA welder ready to attack and conquer any welding job you put to it.

Plant Contents – Alupulse 200
• IGBT inverter welder power drive matrix
• Alupulse 200 Amp TIG MMA Plasma Welder
• Easy to use digital display and panel control
• 4 metre ergonomic 26 series TIG Torch
• Wide band AC frequency control 10hz to 300hz
• 3 metre earth cable and clamp
• HF start TIG & MMAW modes
• 3 metre MMA cable and holder
• 2T, 4T repeat function
• 3 metre gas line
• Intelligent self diagnostic protection
• TIG accessory kit
• High duty cycle 200A 60% @ 40 Degrees C
• Instruction manual
• Up and down slope controls
• Arc force control
• Post flow control
• Individual base and pulse amps control
• Parametric pulse control system
• Presettable amperage indicator
• TIG accessory kit
• Rugged protective case

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