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Are you looking to get a  plasma cutter for sale online in Australia and save by buying online at the cheapest price? Well done, you have found the best online store selling plasma cutters and when you compare our cheap prices to other online sales you will discover our quality is better than in the stores because we provide a 5 year warranty covering parts and labour.

Tokentools plasma cutting machines feature high frequency ignition and we use over rated consumables to ensure you spend less in the long run. Unlike other plasma cutter sales people, our consumables are rated at more than the required amperage. For example we use a 60 amp consumable set on our 40 amp and 50 amp plasma cutters thus providing less wear and more longevity. In short you will buy less over time saving you money.

We have pilot arc CNC machines and straight HF start plasma cutters so give us a call on 1300 881 991 to discuss your metal cutting needs today.

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