Digital ACDC Tig Welder

As welding equipment technologies mature it is inevitable Digital ACDC Tig Welding Machines find their way into the Tokentools Welding Equipment Supplies product line. Over 18 months of development and testing have produced a competitively priced ACDC Tig welder with features expected by professionals.

Digital ACDC Tig WElder

Full arc control is included along with expanded tweaking for those that love to fiddle. Welding control is as follows when read from left to right.

Gas Pre Flow -> Start Crater Amperage -> Up Slope Time -> Welding Current -> AC Balance -> AC Frequency -> Pulse Amps -> Pulse Ratio -> Pulse Frequency -> Base Amps -> Down Slope Time -> Finish Crater Amps -> Gas Post Flow

LEDs are colour coded to functions so for example, when setting the machine to pulse (yellow LED with yellow circle around it, the operator is visually linked to the yellow pulse welding section with yellow LEDs. The same again for AC current settings and MMA welding. IGBT transistors from Infineon feature throughout as is the norm with our other machines. Specs are based on the time proven and rock solid Alupulse platform however digital microprocessor control enables expansion over what is available on the analogue machines.

These machines are now available for general release after successfully completing rigorous real world tests. Prices start at $1399 inc GST for the standard package or $1499 with foot control and gas reg. With free delivery and a 5 year warranty now digital welding equipment is more affordable than ever before. Call our staff on 1300 881 991 to order by phone, online store checkout will be available shortly.

Digital ACDC Tig welder control panel

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