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If you have purchased a Chinese inverter welder and have been using it on weekends, you should start to think aboutservicing your welder. It’s a critical part of protecting, and prolonging the power supply unit’s life. The most important part of servicing any unit is blowing it out, the dust that is. Yes, that’s right, it’s normal to open up your welding unit on a regular basis and blow it out.  You will need to inspect things for overheating,

Welder service

Chinese welder servicing

rubbing, and general condition.  We’ve seen many anecdotal cases over the years where people failed to maintain their unit and that was the primary cause of failure. Grinding metal too close to the unit while it was running was the major cause of metallic build up on the heat sinks and other sensitive components. Welding too close so that sparks are sucked into the machine is another.

In fact, when the fan blades have a buildup of metallic particles on them it will reduce their efficiency thereby adding inneficiency to the cooling of the unit. This lack of service and routine maintenance of any brand of welder is the opposite of what it needs for correct operation. This has happened in the past, and when the service center conducts their initial diagnosis, the lack of service is readily apparent with telltale tale signs of yobbo neglect.

A light film of metal fragments and dust are clearly visible on the boards. All this metallic dust can cause shorts and erratic operation as they can disrupt the normal path of electricity through transistors, diodes, and resistors. Given enough buildup, they can even discharge capacitors, and overload circuits. A 3 monthly service is recommended for all of our products, if being used frequently.

A routine inspection should occur regardless, quarterly, as dust can settle within the unit after being sucked into the machine.  Should you have problems or questions in regards to servicing your welding unit, give us a call on 1300 881 991.

Chinese welder after services

Chinese welder after service by Tokentools

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