Buying a new welder, best welder be it Tig or Mig welder or just Arc

Looking to buy a new welder, the best welder, the super best tig welder or just the super dooper best mig welder? Keep searching the net for that answer, it appears everyone has the best. It is a good thing the universe is big enough for everyone to win but seriously ….

This question is one that is often put to us by prospective customers. Of course most people looking to buy a welder will first consider the purchase of a new welder over that of a second hand welder. There are several points to consider that may help alleviate the financial burden often associated with new welder purchases.

1. Consider the specific use of the welder

2. Consider how long you need it for

3. Consider if it is for daily weding or infrequent weekend welding

In a society built on the notion that unconcious consumption is good and all things new are better perhaps you may give some thought to the abundance of second hand welders that are available. There are some very good bargains to be had by looking at places such as ebay, the trading post, grays auctions etc. Whilst you may not be purchasing the latest technology, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price and have something that has proven itself in industrial use for many years.

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