What Is The Best Welding Helmet

Whats a good welding helmet for under $100?

I’m in the Autobody Repair program at my local college and this coming semester I have a class in MIG welding. To my knowledge we will just be doing MIG welding and grinding, no oxyacetylene, plasma cutting, or tig welding. I plan on going into this for a career so I have a few questions about the best investment for now and the future and if possible would like to keep it under 100$.

1. Should I go for a big time helmet now since I will need it throughout my life or is a so so < $100 helmet fine to get me through MIG welding for now? 2. What is a good delay time for a helmet that will ensure I don't get flashed, what I'm currently looking at is 1 / 10000 sec 3. Solar powered or battery powered? 4. Dark shade levels that I will need? 5. Weight, Brands, Recommendations? Thanks for your responses, just fill me in on what I need to know to help me come in prepared for my class and whats going to be the best for me.

For starting out I would go with a fixed shade Jackson large lens passive hood < $50+ lenses (or any other "name brand" hoods). The best for the future would be an auto darkening hood because you can see where you are starting your weld. They are costly, yes I know you can get them for $50 from the discount houses but they do not last. A good auto changing hood will cost around $300 or more. I use Speedglas hoods, been using them for 25 years they are great. Jackson and Miller and a few of the others make good hoods but I like the Speedglas (got 4 of them). Type of hood -- (32 years welding - certified)

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