Welding Screens And Welding Curtains

Exposure to welding light is dangerous. Are you safe?

Sick of replacing torn welding screens? We listened and now we can offer you, an extremely durable and lasting solution.

The Arcsafe Advantage!

The traditional welding screen is a common workplace item but it is one that is often the cause of frustration. The thin PVC sheet is very fragile and tears/burns easily and keeping screens up to Australian safety standards can be an endless and expensive project. It doesn’t have to be With a Flexshield Arcsafe curtain welding screens are no longer a consumable item.

Tough and Repairable!

2mm Thick strips and 1mm Thick sheets provide unmatched resistance to tearing or burning and “accidental” damage is impossible. In the event that some strips are damaged, they can be quickly and easily removed from the keyrail for individual replacement. The overlapped Arcsafe strips allow long fabrications to protrude right though the screen without compromising on protection.


Arcsafe Welding Curtain

Arcsafe Welding Screens

Failsafe Protection!

Arcsafe does not rely on the “human element” to close curtains when welding. Free hanging strips will reliably fall back in place regardless of what goes through them. Arcsafe complies with the Australian standard AS3957 regarding light transmitting screens and curtains for all welding operations.

Static or Mobile!

Arcsafe mobile screens enhance all the advantages of the Arcsafe welding screen system. Strong galvanised steel construction with heavy duty castors, makes the mobile screen ideally suited to the rigors of any busy work shop. Having the strips suspended only at the top of the frame means that if the mobile frame is ever knocked over, the screen won”t be punctured or torn by objects on the floor. Arcsafe mobile screens are available in standard sizes or made to measure ensuring that screen size is best suited to your application.

Arcsafe  Options

The Arcsafe strip curtain can be used to replace old torn sheet style curtains, create a static welding bay or as a mobile welding screen / barrier for on-site or workshop use. All Arcsafe curtains are available in kit form which includes strips cut to length and hole punched, aluminium mounting track, all required strip fixings and detailed installation instructions. Larger static style curtains are shipped on a timber skid while the mobile curtains are part assembled and shipped in a cardboard carton.

Support Structure:
Flexshield will quote to fabricate and install any steel work required to allow installation of Arcsafe welding screens in your workshop.

Mounting Options

Standard Track:
Arcsafe welding screens are supplied as standard with the universal keyrail for mounting the strips to. The keyrail is not structural and must be mounted to a suitable support structure. ie: Light RHS section appropriate to the size of the screen.

Combing Rail:
The optional Stainless Steel combing rail is ideal for corrosive areas where aluminium won”t last. It also allows for extremely quick removal of individual strips for maintenance.

Sliding Track:
Where unrestricted access is required, strip curtains can be fitted to our sliding rail. Whole panels can be slid either left or right to open up large areas.

By Damian Smith

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