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5 hp engine questions (clutch, output, etc)?

my friends and i are gonna build a go-cart so i need some advice. we have a 5hp engine we got from a old pressure washer. it has a horizontal drive shaft.

1. we will be using a external gas tank because the one that cam attached is really small. would maybe a boat tank or similar thing work?
2. we will need a clutch, so any ideas what kind would work best?
3.we plan to try and off road so info on some shocks would help along with any other related info.

and also any other advice would help since this is my first engine project

ps. yes we have someone to weld and stuff like that
oh and how to make it go faster too. i heard boring it out and running it off of alcohol would help 🙂

Alcohol has 2/3 the power of gas so it will not help if the engine is runing right. 5hp will but is will be slow it may only hit 30-40 mph on the road if everything is in good shape.

Miller Diversion 165 TIG Cart.mov

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