Thermadyne to relocate welding and plasma operations

Thermal Dynamics develops and manufactures plasma arc cutting systems and welding equipment. The New Hampshire location will continue to house Thermal Dynamics’ engineering and technical services.

About 100 workers are expected to be affected by the move, though some will be offered new positions within the organization.

The move should be completed by the end of this year.

Thermadyne is a holding company for a portfolio of brands that target various aspects of the welding and fabricating sector. In addition to Thermal Dynamics it includes the Arcair, Cigweld, Stoody, ThermalArc, TurboTorch, Tweco, and Victor brands.

“Consistent with our ongoing continuous improvement initiatives, we thoroughly evaluated the total cost structure, overall production capacity and global footprint of the company, and concluded that this consolidation is critical,” stated Thermadyne CEO Martin Quinn.

Quinn said the Texas and Mexico plants will allow Thermal Dynamics to improve its customer responsiveness and maximize capacity and utilization of its equipment and other operating assets.

“We expect a seamless transition for our distributors and for our end user customers,” he said.


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