Sponsor Kar 333 in the Kidney Kar Rally

The scent of welding fumes, engine oil, engine exhaust and other manly activities can often be found in Ted’s shed but more so as the time for the Kidney Kar Rally draws near.

tokentools sponsor kar 333kidney kar rally kar 333

tokentools sponsor kar 333

This year the Kidney Kar Rally is  from Gundagai to Cootamundra via Mt Gambier and is being run  between August 15 and 23rd.  Ted has entered Kar 333 and we are mustering support for his team. The Kidney Kar Rally raises money for Kidney Health Australia’s Kidney Kids Programs which allow children and their families living with and affected by kidney disease to enjoy fun filled days of camps and activities whilst still receiving the necessary medical care.

Please dig deep and offer your support, any amount will suffice and is greatly appreciated.

Please donate at this link https://kkr2014.everydayhero.com/au/kwikdraw



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