Plasma Cutter Reviews

Recently plasma cutter reviews about a Tokentools Plasma Cutting Machine were posted on the Australian woodworkers forum. Here is the direct link. The excerpt is below.

“Hi Forum,

18 months ago I bought a Token Tools LG40E plasma cutter for home use. I also have a 200A ac/dc tig of the same brand. I have no other connection to Peter other than being a happy customer.

12 months ago I changed jobs and started working in a heavy engineering company that didn’t have plasma cutters, I saw a need for one so brought mine in to use myself. It has been used for 1-2 jobs a week in that time, for stainless, mild steel, bisalloy, aluminium etc.
A few weeks ago my boss asked me if I was happy to use it for a shutdown job we had to do at a local waste processing facility. Seeing as he provides all consumables for me I said sure. It wasn’t until we turned up for the job that the enormity of it came to light.

The ‘job’ was a 18x3m autoclave with internal flutes on a 3 start lead and 5 full rotations that move waste into and out of the vessel. The bottom 5 flights were completely smashed and rolled over themselves. These had to be completley removed. Wedged under the rolled over steel was a sludge made of wood/paper pulp and magnets, compressed into near solid plugs. This was first chipped out and then the steel cut out. The air compressor was located inside the facility which was at approximately 98% humidity. I lost count of how many times I hit the water drain ‘button’. Along with the 5 bottom flights that had to be removed, the top 10 had to be trimmed back to clean thick steel.

In total approximately 118m of cutting in 3-6mm steel was done. The whole time the amp knob was at ‘max’. Consumables lasted typically 3m or so of cutting, sometimes more sometimes less. Magnets stuck to the steel were a constant hazard and seemed to cause a current inversion which would melt the electrode tip off.

Other tradesmen on the job commented how well the little plasma cutter held up. I was fairly confident as I have given it a fair flogging over the last year and have really gotten to know it well.

I and my boss have been so happy with it that he has bought a PAC50 cutter for the workshop.

With that I would happily recommend the Token Tools product for anyone looking for home workshop tooling where the requirement for high end Hypertherm type cutters is not needed.


Photo is inside the vessel late into the works. One of the other tradesmen and the owner of the company are putting down the final welds of the replacement flights in the bottom section. The vessel was fully ventilated and a gas meter/alarm used to monitor air conditions. The only time it alarmed in 32 hours of on time was when I was cutting and hit a patch of pulp and the resultant smoke spiked the CO over 30ppm, we cleared the vessel for 5 minutes. Confined Work Space and Hot Work permits and assessments were carried out and a spotter was used. We also had UHF radio contact.”

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