Metalmaster welding helmets – Digital Tig Mig Arc Plasma Grinding – Multifunction

Metalmaster automatic welding helmets

Metalmaster automatic Tig Mig Arc Welding Plasma Cutting and Grinding helmets

The latest technology in welding helmets is available in the form of Metalmaster welding helmets. These high tech marvels allow the operator to use the helmet for all welding modes, tig mig and arc, and plasma cutting and grinding. The simple mode selector allows the operator to quickly switch between modes, adjust delay and sensitivity times on the fly. Huge 100mm x 60mm crystal clear viewing window allows you to see much more than other market offerings. Replaceable batteries provide power when not welding and a photovoltaic cell powers the cartridge whilst welding giving extended battery life. Quad digital photo receptors ensure welding down to as low as 5 amps is possible with full automatic protection. Available in Holden Metalic Purple or Matt Silver. Please CLICK HERE for more information

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