Tips for a future welder!!!! i need advice?

Im a junior in high school i first welded last year as a sophomore and i absolutely loved it i switched all my woods classes to metal working and im taking advanced metals this year and i think i want to be a pipe line welder when i get older and then after that be a welding inspector like my dad and make huge money. so are there any tips for me or anything i should know becuase ive asked my shop teachers about this but have never really gotten a straight answer. also after high school im not sure if im going a technical school or am going to be a navy SeaBee and then goto a tech school after. also not to “toot” my own horn but im probably the best welder in the class. so any one who is already a welder what do you think.

You sound like me when I was in high school. The metal shop teacher let me strike my first arc and I was hooked. Dump the idea of being the best welder in the class it will only set you up for disappointment. It may seem like it but there will always be some one that will show you up. If you keep it in the back of your mind that you are not the best it will drive to to excel (to be the best without admitting it)! This was told to me by an “old” welder that I respected a lot. And I made that my driving force. I now run a welding lab that all processes come to me to be approved/developed. I will never admit that I am the best as it sets you up for embarrassment when something does go wrong. The Navy – nothing wrong with that but remember that we are at war you will fulfill the military part first before you get the training. Good luck! Here are some welding sites you may want to look at,

– Hobart is considered one of the best welding schools around. The also can train you for inspection.

(32 years welding – certified)

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