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Best online welder deals are available from 24 x 7 and our welding machines have a 5 year parts and labour warranty. If you are price driven you will discover after a short search on the internet, after comparing prices, that the best online welder deals are here. If you are quality driven you will find our attention to detail, our industry leading warranty is the best from any welding manufacturer . Our online store and our shopfront are available to serve you so please give us a call on 1300 881 991 to discuss your welding needs.

We also stock the Metalmaster range of welding helmets, welding, without the proper precautions appropriate for the process, can be a dangerous and unhealthy unsafe practice. With the use of new technology and proper protection, the risks of injury and aassociated with welding will be reduced. Many general welding procedures use gas shielded electric arc or flames, the risk of physical and UV burns is great. To mitigate these risks, welders wear personal protective equipment in the form of heavy leather gloves and protective long sleeve jackets to avoid exposure to extreme heat and flames. Additionally, the brightness of the weld area leads to a condition called arc eye in which ultraviolet light causes the inflammation of the cornea and can burn the retinas of the eyes. To avoid this a welder will need to use an automatic welding helmet

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