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ACDC Welder AC DC TIG Welding Machine

Tokentools Welding Equipment has been supplying welders and plasma cutters since 1998.  ACDC welders are perhaps the most useful tools in the welding industry arsenal and our recently updated inverter machines are available for you to buy online. We work diligently with the intention to become a major Australian supplier of quality welding equipment. ACDC welders have been used in welding works for over 50 years and the AC DC inverter welder is the latest to surpass them all. Now, you can easily buy them online from us at reasonable price. ACDC welding is in step with the arc welding process where fusion of parent metal is produced by heating the job with an electric arc struck from a tungsten electrode whilst being protected from atmospheric oxygen by a shielding gas.
Some of the essential features of ACDC welders are outlined below.

  • These welding machines are suitable for steel and alloys.
  • The welders can be run smoothly at any amp welding current.
  • Membrane control panels and pulse frequency to 300 Hz are desired features
  • ACDC welders contain high frequency igniter circuits for arc stability.
  • Our welders have slope current controls and are lightweight and portable welders
  • ACDC welders can also be used as ARC welders with push button.

Now you can readily purchase ACDC welders online from Tokentools whilst in the comfort of your home or workstation. We delivery to any part of Australia. We offer these welders along with other tools at a reasonable price and accurate information for using them. We also offer flexible payment options.

Our welding machines are portable and can be carried to anywhere for any kind of welding job. You may contact us so that we may guide you to make sure that you are using the welder in the correct way. Our welding equipment comes standard with the industry first 5 year parts and labour warranty.

Description: ACDC Welders are available at affordable price tags at Tokentools. Now, get the right model of ACDC welder from the comfort of your home and within your budget.

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