Ac Dc Tig Welder

If I buy a Lincoln AC/DC 225/125 shop welder with an AC range of 40-225amps and a DC range of 30-125amps.?

Can I reverse the polarity and connect it to a TIG torch and weld properly without buying anything else other than Argon.

I am assuming your Tig torch includes a regulator and hose,and you have Tungstens(for your application) Yes it will work. However, You are limitted to a minimum DC amp setting of 30A which for a majority of Tig welding operations is quite high. Burn through and warping from the high heat will be problems on light Ga. shtmetal and thin stock . A DC power unit with a10A low end and rheostat/infinite fine adjustment is much more preferable.

Kemppi PSS 5000 ACDC TIG Welder or Combined MIG and TIG Package (MIG)

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