Welder Gift

welder gifts for hubby

welder as a gift

It’s easter your hubby wants a welder gift but what do you get? You certainly don’t want to waste money on chocolate. Give your man the gift of creation and buy him a new welder.

The simplest form is arc welding. With an arc welder he can get onto all those jobs around the house and build you some wrought iron gates as well. Next step up is a mig welding machine. With the mig he can still do those jobs around the house but he can also tackle projects such as car restoration, boat trailers, box trailers and the like. In fact there is not much he could not achieve with a mig.

For the purist you cannot go past an AC DC Tig welder. Ok, he may disappear into his man cave for a while but he will emerge with a supercharger inlet manifold coupled to the family car’s engine and a set of sweet sounding headers as well.

Get your man a welder gift and he will remember it forever. Call us on 1300 881 991 and discuss your needs with our friendly staff.

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