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You saw a Plasma Cutter in action and were instantly attracted to it’s potential right? It happens to most blokes. Plasma cutters are incredible machines and smart operators can put them to use to generate incoming work. The relatively low cost of ┬áplasma cutting equipment means that sales have increased year on year. In the last 12 months the amount of plasma cutters sold in Australia has increased by 37% over sales figures from the previous year. Plasma cutters work by ionising dry air in the torch head which adds and subtracts electrons of the atoms which comprise atmospheric gases and forms a plasma stream. The plasma stream is charge neutral, extremely hot and is able to melt metals instantly hence why they are so cool. As long as you point the plasma cutter torch to the metal and keep feeding it material it will keep blasting that material out of the way.

Plasma Cutting Equipment Machines

Plasma Cutters Machines Equipment

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