3 in 1 welders Multifunction Tig Welder Stick weld Plasma Cutters

Getting a 3 in 1 welder is one of the most sensible things you could do when you are limited by budget and shed space. There are numerous internet sprukers spreading fearĀ and ignorance about these awesome multifunction machines and it is all to do with their own lack of understanding of how multifunction machines work.

3 in 1 welder

3 in 1 Multi Function Tig Stick Welder Plasma Cutter

First off lets consider what a TIG Stick welder and plasma cutter have in common. It is the type of power supply that they are. They are all classified as a constant current power supply. The difference between the TIG Stick welders and Plasma cutters is the operating voltage. Tig Stick welding machine operating voltage is in the 25 volt range whereas plasma cutters are in the 100V range.

Put simply, the multifunction combo machines either have a parallel series arrangement for their step down transformer or else they have a second winding on it. A few relays and that’s it.

Next time some noob is crapping on about how bad these multi function combo welders are you will be able to tell them to shoosh. Don’t take our word for it, look at the warranty. Tokentools have a 5 year parts and labour warranty on all machines be it single function or multi function.

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